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By guest, Apr 23 2015 01:07PM

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May 27 2018 08:37PM by Steve Whitted

We have a Razor E150 Electric Scooter. After full nights charge, the light is red when the power is switched to ON. Scooter does not run after kick start and turning throttle handle. The RESET button feels soft, no click. Could that be the problem? DO you service Electric Razors?

Nov 20 2019 11:26PM by Lavelle Ollhoft

I would like to recommend Dueitt's Battery Supply, Inc., 3225 Springhill Ave.
Mobile, AL 36607 for anyone needing a battery. I have purchased from them over the years and always had a good experience with them.
Today I went in there needing an 8D battery to crank the fire truck so I could move it back to Abba Shrine. After explaining my situation, that I just needed a battery long enough to crank the truck and get it moved. They were kind enough to loan me a good battery for that purpose without hesitation and asking for nothing more than my name and phone number.
Thank you Dueitt’s Battery for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated.

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